Marval .A. Rex

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Phenomenological deliberations of a both a cyborg and an aeon :

My current work is driven by a curiosity of the multiplicity and emergence of accepted realities. There is a drive to understand how physiology, words, and digital technology take control of light and sound and instigate myriad realities. I am interested in popular qualifiers for “realness”, and how they inoculate the individual as well as the specified culture. What light and sound particles are sensed by the individual due to a cultures language and technological custom? A specified zone of my interrogation is of digital affect versus analog affect. How do these effect commingle in my reality?  How much are we human, and how much are we machine? Does digital necessitate machine?

My performance art is a form of celebratory resistance against the layers of the common paradigm of “realness”. This paradigm is characterized by patriarchal oppression, analytical hegemony, and a rejection of spiritual ceremony. The video and live performances rip open holes within the fabric of accepted “realness”, and its prescribed behaviors. I am offering a space for the perceptions/behaviors that fall outside of white christianity’s bubblegum pop-cultural “realness”.

I / we also function as a growing body of experiments engaged with the queer ontology of  the    c y b o r g - a e o n   .

As always I’m inside my [art] , simultaneously the scientist and 
the rat he’s ripping open to study.